Technology: The AGROBODY™ platform
AgroSavfe Technology

Ground-breaking, proprietary AGROBODY™ technology platform

AgroSavfe’s technology platform is designed to develop a broad range of AGROBODY™ biocontrols against key pest and diseases in Fruits & Vegetables, and row crops. The biocontrols are manufactured through an industrial scale bioprocess and formulated to meet farmers’ practice, providing consistent high performance and novel modes of action. AgroSavfe’s technology platform enables the development of novel biocontrols four years faster and at a significant lower cost compared with chemical standards.

AGROBODY™ biocontrols are highly efficacious, with a demonstrated field performance on par with chemicals, and are proven to be safe for consumers and the environment.

The platform is validated with a versatile proprietary product pipeline against key pests and diseases for which the lead product is expected to enter the US market in 2022.

Agrobodies selection

Uniquely positioned to address the current challenges and needs of all stakeholders

AGROBODY™ biocontrols combine the high-performance characteristics of chemical pesticides with the clean safety profile of biologicals.

Field trials with the Company’s lead product, the AGROBODY™ biofungicide BioFun-1, have demonstrated that it effectively protects high value strawberry crops, comparable with the efficacy of chemical standards. In addition, the results from these trials have demonstrated that the use of BioFun-1 resulted in 70% less food loss, while there were 40% less chemical residues when used as part of an Integrated Pest Management Program.

The Company believes that its AGROBODY™ biocontrols offer a reliable crop protection alternative for farmers to sustainably produce healthy, high-quality food for the consumers.