Technology: The AGROBODY™ platform
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The AGROBODY™ platform

The technology platform is designed to generate AGROBODY™ Bioactive against selected targets to create highly specific biological agents. An AGROBODY™ Bioactive is a small 15 kDa protein that binds with high specificity and affinity to its target.

Camelid species like camels, alpacas, and llamas have, in addition to conventional antibodies, heavy chain antibodies that lack light chains and are composed of homodimers of two heavy chains only (Hamers-Casterman et al., 1993, Nature 363: 446-8).

These heavy chains are composed of three domains, two constant domains and a single antigen binding domain, called VHH or AGROBODY™ Bioactive.


Camelid antibody


AGROBODY™ Bioactives are functional at high temperatures or in mild concentrations of detergent and have the capacity to functionally refold after thermal, chemical, or pressure denaturation. AGROBODY™ Bioactives are encoded by single genes, can be easily cloned, possess good solubility and can be efficiently produced in micro-organisms.

These qualities, the ease of generating AGROBODY™ Bioactives with desired affinity and specificity, and their low cost of manufacture make them preferred biological agents for an effective, safe and sustainable crop protection. Recombinant antibody engineering using immune and non-immune repertoires is used to generate AGROBODY™ Bioactives to diverse targets.

The AGROBODY™ Bioactive platform allows for a rapid and efficient selection of AGROBODY™ Bioactive that bind to complex targets such as micro-organisms, homogenized leaves, seeds, insects or to purified, single molecules.


Agrobodies selection


AGROBODY™ Bioactives applications

AGROBODY™ Bioactives as novel biological control agents

For the fungal disease control program, llamas were immunized with glucosylceramide, a component present in the cell membrane of nearly all fungi. AGROBODY™ Bioactives binding with high affinity to glucosylceramide were selected and show antifungal activity against a wide range of key plant pathogenic fungi.


Agrobodies binding


Plants treated with antifungal AGROBODY™ Bioactives are protected from infections by fungi.


Antifungal Agrobodies


Antifungal AGROBODY™ Bioactives are now being developed as biofungicides for various applications.

Agrobodies for enhanced formulations

AGROBODY™ Bioactives can also be used in formulations to improve retention and targeting of crop protection products to the site of action, for reduced application dosage and for extended performance with reduced application frequencies.

Targeted delivery and improved retention of AGROBODY™ Bioactives-based crop protection products provides thereby for increased performance, sustainability and convenience of crop protection products.


Agrobody-based crop protection products


AGROBODY™ Bioactives are protected as composition of matter by an extensive portfolio of granted patents and a growing number of pending patent families are covering diverse applications of AGROBODY™ Bioactives in crop protection.