AgroSavfe Corporate

Management team

Luc Maertens CEO

Luc Maertens has nearly 20 years of experience in the Ag Industry with expertise in strategy development and implementation, operations management, and activities ranging from research, to development and regulatory approval, and market entry.

Prior to joining AgroSavfe in 2017, he was Head of Syngenta’s Ghent Innovation Centre, and headed the RNAi-based Biocontrol R&D Platform globally.

Prior to that, he was a member of the executive team at Devgen NV where he held various positions in science, regulatory affairs and operations management within divisions for Crop Protection, Seeds and Biotechnology for the Europe, Asia and Africa.

He started his career in the laboratory of the VIB Department for Medical Protein Research of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Gent.

Mike Stepan Head of Business Development

Mike Stepan, obtained a BSc in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Nottingham, UK and has, since then, worked as a business manager in Animal Health, Vector Control and Crop Protection.

In January 2001, he joined Syngenta where he was responsible for the marketing strategy and implementation of a product portfolio of 35 Insecticides, Herbicides and Fungicides with combined sales of >$4.5Bn. He also led a $550m investment in new supply capacity at Syngenta. From 2011 to 2017, he was Head of the Insecticides division of Syngenta, a business that grew 40% to >$2Bn, a leading position in the industry.

In February, 2018, he joined AgroSavfe to lead the Business Development activities.

Hilde Revets CSO

Hilde joined AgroSavfe in 2018.

Hilde obtained her PhD in Biological Sciences in 1993 at the University of Brussels (VUB). As part of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Immunology she joined the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) in 1997 as Principal Investigator with focus on immunology and translational research in vaccine development and antibody-based technologies, including biomedical applications of camelid-derived single domain antibodies.

From 2006 to 2015, Hilde worked at Ablynx NV where she held several senior positions, translating drug development projects from discovery up to Phase II clinical trials. She also played a key role in landmark deals for the Company. Ablynx was acquired by Sanofi in 2018.

From January 2015 to August 2018, Hilde served as Innovation Manager for the Vaccine & Infectious Disease Institute (VAXINFECTIO) at the University of Antwerp aiming to integrate vaccine and microbiological research.

She is inventor on more than 20 patent applications and brings over 20 years of research and development experience in drug discovery & development, including antibody fragment discovery and early development, as well as technology development.

Marnix Peferoen CTO

Marnix Peferoen started his professional career with Plant Genetic Systems in 1987 where he was responsible for research programs on different traits for applications in corn, cotton and rice.

After the acquisition of Plant Genetic Systems in 1996 he was responsible for various research programs at a global level within AgrEvo, Aventis CropScience and Bayer CropScience.

Late 2005, he left Bayer CropScience and joined CropDesign to initiate the commercial development of the CropDesign trait portfolio in rice. After the acquisition of CropDesign by BASF Plant Science he was appointed as global project manager for rice.

At the end of 2011, he joined the VIB to establish AgroSavfe, which was incorporated in 2013 with Marnix as CEO. Since March 2017, Marnix assumed the CTO function at the Company.

Patrick Stanssens Head of Manufacturing Process Development

Patrick has more than 30 years of biotech industry experience, having occupied various managerial R&D positions in different pharmaceutical and agricultural biotech companies. He combines technical experience with extensive knowledge of various legal, IP, and business matters and processes.

Prior to joining AgroSavfe in 2017, he was Head of CMC/Pharmaceutical Development at Ablynx NV (now Sanofi), responsible for the manufacturing of all pre-clinical and clinical trials material and responsible for strain engineering, upstream and downstream process development as well as analytics and formulation.

He obtained a MSc in Chemistry at KU Leuven, Belgium and a PhD from the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, University of Gent, Belgium.

Mark Chadwick Head of IP

Mark is a European Patent Attorney with over 20 years of relevant industry experience. Prior to joining AgroSavfe, he was Director, European Patent Attorney at Merus, a clinical-stage oncology company developing innovative bi-specific antibody therapeutics. Before that, he worked as Patent Counsel at DSM and Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics, The Netherlands, and J.A Kemp & Co in the UK.

Mark has a technical background in plant sciences and specialist experience in industrial biotechnology and antibody and gene therapeutics.

Mark obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Plant Sciences from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in Genetics from the John Innes Centre, Norwich.

Board of Directors

Lieven De Smedt

Chairman, independent, representing InnoTune BVBA

Luc Basstanie

representing Agri Investment Fund, CVBA

Adrian Percy

representing Nomad Technology Consulting LLC

Denis Lucquin

representing Sofinnova Partners

Luc Maertens

CEO and Managing Director

Koen Quaghebeur

representing K&E, BVBA

Patrick Van Beneden

representing Gimv, NV


Observers to the Board of Directors

Chris De Jonghe (PMV) and Johan Cardoen (VIB)