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What we do

AgroSavfe employs its proprietary Agrobody® technology platform to develop biopesticides for the control of pests and diseases on crops and harvested products.

Agrobodies® are derived from camelid antibodies and can be generated against virtually any target, to which they bind with high affinity and specificity. Agrobodies® are safe, environmentally friendly and can be produced cost-effectively.

Agrobodies® directed against specific target molecules on pests and diseases can have biological activities and can be developed as biological crop protection agents.

Agrobody®- based biopesticides are designed for an effective, consistent, safe and sustainable performance.


About us

AgroSavfe is a spin-off from VIB (Flanders Institute for Biotechnology). VIB conducts frontline biomolecular research in life sciences with over 1,200 researchers and scientists and has given rise to several spin-off companies, such as Devgen, CropDesign and Ablynx.

AgroSavfe was established in January 2013 to develop sustainable crop protection products based on its proprietary Agrobody® platform.

A syndicate of life sciences investors (Gimv, Biovest, Madeli Participaties, Agri Investment Fund, K&E, PMV-Vinnof, QBIC and VIB) is backing the company.

A highly experienced team warrants the successful roll-out of this novel VIB start-up enterprise. CEO Dr. Marnix Peferoen brings over 25 years of experience in agricultural biotechnology business to the company. He held management positions at Bayer CropScience and BASF Plant Science.